April 20, 2014


Nakameguro river is easily one of the most popular sakura viewing spots in Tokyo, and for good reasons. the location is impeccable, in one of the cities most fashionable districts filled with good restaurants, cafes and bakeries to provide food and drinks to the crowds. the stores will also put up street stalls along the already narrow roads that run along the river, adding to the festival mood — which is after all what cherry blossom viewing is all about! (I say, as if ever do anything except walk around in a daydream haze and take photos.)

Nakameguro river is also conveniently located right between my university and the cafe where I work, which led it to become my most visited hanamiing spot this year! On one of my strolls I walked around with Ms. Ebony of Hello Sandwich — you should have a look at her photos from the day as well. the river is stunning in how densely the sakura trees are lined along it, and how far the branches stretch out towards the water. in fact, while walking along the river offers a beautiful sight, one of the most amazing views in Nakameguro is overlooking the river from the platform of the nearby Nakameguro station. so while it’s easy to walk from Shibuya, crossing through the equally charming Daikanyama neighbourhood, I strongly recommend taking the train for the view! just count on there being about a hundred other sakura enthusiasts enjoying the same view from the platform.









  • http://xiirosary.blogspot.com/ Nina

    The last photo is precious <3
    I also love Nakameguro!
    Always wanted to go since I saw photos of it on Tumblr,
    thank goodness for the internet lol
    Love all the shots ^-^